Citizens Observation Group arm band

Citizens Observation Group

Below, a letter to the editor of the Fortuna Beacon, in response to an inaccurate article about COG. Ironically enough, some years later, I became a full time stringer for the Redwood Record in Garberville, a subsidiary of The Humboldt Group, which owned the Record, the Arcata Union and the Fortuna Beacon, along with many other businesses.

The Record and the Union, both longtime newspapers, were incorporated into the Beacon while I worked for the Record, after we had been scolded for covering too many environmental stories. What that really meant is that both papers were precipitously shut down with no warning whatsoever, throwing about 25 newspaper workers into the Humboldt County job market all at once.

I was in Ukiah, covering a story from northern Mendocino County, when Estelle Fennell, news director of KMUD, covering the same story, asked me how I felt about the paper closing. I was flabbergasted, came back and found myself locked out of the office. Have since wondered if anyone at the Beacon had ever put me, the reporter, together with me, the author of this letter. If not, it might be because it never ran. I can’t remember if it did or not.

Letter to editor of Beacon  – in pdf

Below are instructions I wrote at the request of CLMP after COG had been in existence for several months. I had to cut pages in two to blow them up big enough to read, so there is some overlap from one image to the next.

cog instructions 4

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