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Citizens Observation Group

The letter below was written before CAMP, when raids were conducted by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Marijuana Eradication Team (MET). From the point of view of the community, CAMP was simply a state-level expansion of MET, doing raids in any CA county, with the addition of helicopters. It also is an indication of the kind of discussions that went on about marijuana growing in general and presents one viewpoint from the growing side of the discussion. I do not have the date of this letter, but it was written after actual violent criminals began to arrive in the community, for no other reason than to grow. Also, many members of the mainstream community, former loggers and ranchers and their supporting businesses, less and less able to make a living that way, had also by this time begun to grow marijuana as a cash crop. There had, at this point, been at least one marijuana-related murder, at least one shootout between growers and urban gangs, but not enough of such events yet to discourage small-scale growing by back-to-the-landers.

Star Root Letter 1

Star Root Letter 2

Star Root Letter 3

Star Root Letter 4

The final question in this letter was being asked by many people at that time, the upshot of which, in general terms, was a proliferation of environmental organizations and the gradual rise of environmental activism.

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