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Although many people arrived in the Land of Shum as refugees from activism and ready to sit down on a rock and think for several years, the need for activism soon engulfed them, ready or not. From environmental issues such as preservation of ancient forests, advocating for alternative forms of energy and reviving and preserving rivers to civil rights and peace issues, many of the new residents organized quickly and continued their quest for social change.

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Citizens Observation Group arm band

Citizens Observation Group

The Citizens Observation Group was the outcome of a community meeting called anonymously by a community member in response to the out-of-control, dangerous and probably illegal activities of the Campaign Against Marijuana (can’t remember what the P was, Production?), abbreviated CAMP. The abbreviation was a play on the name of the then-CA Attorney General, last name Van de Camp. Can’t remember his first name.

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To grow or not to grow

Apropos of recent stirrings of hope that marijuana growing for non-medical purposes may soon be legalized, I have excerpted documents from my archives that were written early in the history of Shum and provide these excerpts below for those, probably few, who are interested in historical context. In part, I am doing that to counteract published and unpublished statements by persons unfamiliar with the history of Shum before marijuana completely distorted it.

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