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Introduction to the Blog

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Students of the history of the 1960s and 1970s have sometimes included in their reading, my book “Beyond counterculture: the community of Mateel, ” available for sale at several places on line, including Amazon, and fully downloadable for free at http://humboldt-dspace.calstate.edu/handle/2148/1354

Berkeley in the 60s - vhsI am often contacted by persons wishing to interview me for oral histories of this period in time–on the 1960s because of my participation in the documentary film, “Berkeley in the Sixties,” and on the 1970s because of my book. This blog is aimed at those interested in the 1970s. For sixties people, I have a separate blog – Berkeley Backlog.
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Who Do I Think I Am?

Since the publication of “Beyond Counterculture: the Community of Mateel”, a book version of my doctoral dissertation, I have been approached eagerly by persons from outside the Land of Shum (what I now call the place I used to call Mateel) for more information. I know that some people since then actually moved to the Land of Shum because of my book, seeking to be a part of the cultural experiment I described. Others, residents of Shum, many of whom came long after the marijuana industry had distorted pretty much everything I described, have attacked me angrily for “providing information” to various agencies of the government. This, in spite of my great care in providing no specific information the government did not clearly already have.

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