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Vibram Soul. Act One, Scene One

Below and in subsequent entries are part of the script of the Pure Shmint play “Vibram Soul” and links to audio files from tapes of the play, as well as one to part of a rehearsal.


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The script is incomplete at this time, though I plan to transcribe as much as I can of the rest of it from my original field tapes of the performance and rehearsals.

The sound quality leaves much to be desired, since I had only the cheapest of equipment. It varies throughout, but it is possible to get a sense of the play and the response of the audience even though there are sections where the actual lines cannot be made out. I find that its more audible in general with headphones. There is also overlap between the second link and the third link, so the last few minutes of the second link which are inaudible are repeated in the third link more audibly. (I taped the first half of one performance and the second half of another, for some reason.) In the last blog entry with the script, I have posted two links to tapes of the play actually being created at various rehearsals, to present the process by which the play was generated. It takes a while to load the audio files, be patient.

Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, you can’t look at the script and hear the audio file at the same time, unless you know something I don’t. That would be my recommendation if it could be done, with the caveat that no script I ever came up with reflected any performance or rehearsal word for word, since this is improvisational drama and the actors always varied the lines slightly. There is at least one place where a lengthy section is moved to a later position in the performance than it appears in this script. If you were really, really into it, I suppose you could download or print the script to read while listening to the tapes.

Oh, and be informed that the dialog does not start until after a long musical sequence which is the dance number that opens the play. You could fast forward through that. Other such musical sequences accompanying dance numbers show up later on as well.


Vibram Soul

written and played by members of Pure Shmint, preserved for posterity by Jentri Anders

ACT I, Scene 1

(On a darkened stage, principals join hands and chant “Om.” Life, Death, and Prana join them. All chant Om. Principals exit leaving Life, Death, and Prana. Lights come up revealing Death with a drum. In the ensuing dance Death plays the drum, Prana and Life enter, Prana attempts to steal the drum, finally succeeds. Life hides behind him. Death steals it back. Life drags Prana offstage. Death dances alone with the drum.

Big Don w drum ed

Life comes back in. Death approaches Life, they dance a pas de deux. Prana sneaks back in, steals the drum, which has been left to one side. Life and Death approach Prana. He hesitates, then the three of them together carry the drum offstage and re-enter, having exchanged it for Jack. Life, Death and Prana exit, leaving Jack center stage playing harmonica.)

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