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Death rituals

Below the link to my paper “Death and Ecology in Mateel,” published in the Northwest Journal of Anthropology.


coffin detail ed

On the right, detail of the coffin built by neighbors for a woman who died in a car crash early in the 1970s., mentioned in the article above. The coffin was made of prize wood from redwood burls, except for this star, probably of teak.





Below, photos of a recent ceremony for the Beginnings Volunteer Fire Chief, Tim Olsen. This was the death of what anthropologists call a “big man” so his death was commemorated with very much more ceremony than is usual, including services in the mainstream community involving local VFDs, that are not pictured.

Olsen funeral 1


Olsen funeral 2




Olsen funeral 4

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The Road to Shum

When the people I think of as refugees arrived in Shum, they were not coming from a historical vacuum. Some were coming to something, artists and veterans thinking to build their own homes and live a quiet rural life. Others were going away from something, the many things all coming under the heading of modern civilization, and they simply landed in Shum following the grapevine or omens or Fate.

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